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Match Dating provides unique personalized one-on-one real person verification dating

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More than 10 years of professional matchmaking qualifications


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 19 March 2021 – Match Dating, a local professional matching company with more than 10 years of matchmaking experience, is different from traditional dating agency. It provides customers with personalized one-on-one real-person verification dating. It provides a series of professional services, including: a team of experienced makeup artists, image guidance, psychotherapists and love counsellors, etc., to enhance the self-confidence of clients who want to find someone, and to improve the success rate of verification dating. Match Dating has unique and innovative insights into the service industry. Even if it is simply a relationship problem, Match Dating is willing to provide customers with free love consultation services.

According to the Census and Statistics Department’s “Women and Men in Hong Kong-Main Statistics” report, the age of first marriage for men and women in Hong Kong is getting late. The median age for women at first marriage has been postponed from 28.5 in 2009 to 29.9 in 2019; and for men The median age at first marriage was 31.6 years. As a local professional matching company Match Dating, with more than 10 years of matching experience professional team consultants, listen to, analyze and understand the needs of each user, provide personalized matching services, and find customers for customers.

Match Dating is different from other Speed ​​Dating or Dating App. It insists on manually selecting each person who meets their mate selection criteria, and requires each participant to provide corresponding information and a recent personal photo to be a real person Verification to ensure that the appearance and basic conditions of both parties meet the requirements. After the two parties have confirmed the meeting, they only need to select the date, time, and restaurant preferences, and the team will act as a guide, arranging all the appointment details, so that customers can enjoy the perfect date. Match Dating matching consultant: “The trouble is a must, but after the trouble, it can make a good marriage for clients. This kind of modern matchmaking makes me feel excited and proud.”

The founder of Match Dating believes: “Everyone has the right to love and be loved. Our team will do our best to help in each case, starting with an in-depth understanding of individual talks, and then starting psychological counseling on the right mindset to assist guests. Get to know yourself better, change your inherently bad or unrealistic mentality, and correct your own problems. Provide love advice at the beginning of dating, encourage everyone to bravely step out of the comfortable zone, open up your heart, step out of the haze, and communicate with each other with more confident. In order to develop and maintain a balanced and healthy relationship, and establish their own way of love.” In addition, Match Dating is also willing to take care of the needs of different people in the society, such as divorced, widows of the elderly, people with their own psychological problems, etc. Often because of being neglected by society and self-deficiencies, they feel inferior and fear to build relationships with others, but in fact they also have their need and right to love and be loved. Match Dating uses a strong network of contacts to carry out professional matching work in different areas. It is people-oriented and helps each customer build a happy relationship.

About Match Dating Hong Kong Matching Company

Match Dating is operated by a professional team with more than ten years of experience in this industry. It is determined to find happiness for a group of single men and women. It provides a reliable one-to-one dating service for marriage and love in Hong Kong, with an affordable fee, and carefully analyzed by a professional team. You have achieved the happiest marriage.

We are determined to provide you with the most comfortable, safest and fastest way and the largest dating platform for busy people, leading you to find your favorite soulmate in the shortest time, and premise of a family. We are here waiting for you to join us and accompany the destination of marriage with you.

Match Dating website: https://matchdating.com.hk/

Tel: +852 9581 6883

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