Laos Authorities Adjust Covid-19 Test Fees

Testing for Covid-19 Mandatory in Laos for Travelers (test)

Authorities have updated the fee structure for Covid-19 testing in Laos for both Lao citizens and foreigners, with tests ranging from LAK 50,000 to LAK 650,000.

According to a notice issued by the National Taskforce Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control on Friday, the fee for Covid-19 testing in Laos has been adjusted in accordance with income and other factors.

For foreign labor, foreign diplomats, employees of international organizations, business people, tourists, and Lao laborers who plan to travel abroad and request a voluntary test for Covid-19, the fee will be charged at LAK 650,000.

For hospital patients, emergency medical cases, civil servants, and Lao students, the fee will be charged at LAK 50,000.

Authorities initially adjusted Covid-19 test fees in Laos for both Lao citizens and foreigners in December 2020, with test fees at the time reaching LAK 1,200,000.

Covid-19 tests will be undertaken free of charge in cases of medical diagnosis, for honored guests of the Lao government, Lao laborers who have returned to Laos, and for Lao Buddhist monks.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 insurance and health tracking devices now a requirement for entry to Laos.

Laos has now confirmed a total of 49 cases of Covid-19, and successfully treated 45 people. Four people now remain under treatment for the virus. However, no deaths have been reported in the country from Covid-19.