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Italian design incorporates flavour with a decanter bottle Barbera dell’Emilia IGT

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TORRILE, ITALY – EQS Newswire – 25 March 2021 – Tradition, innovation and a design twist is a formula that CECI 1938 has made its own, underlying the distinctive character of the unique creations produced by the famous winery from Torrile, Italy. The care that CECI 1938 takes in producing wine is highlighted by the design of the distinctive bottles that tell its story and heighten its flavour, giving the product a unique appeal.

“Decanta is a great success in China thanks to our collaboration with our partner Fortune Legend (Fujian) Wine Co. Ltd. It’s a wine enhanced by its own bottle, a true design object that expresses the Italian taste for beauty and flavour. The wine presented is a red, a Barbera IGT”, says Maria Teresa Ceci, CEO of Ceci 1938.

The Decanta line is a still red wine with a ruby-red colour that is warm, smooth and enveloping. It is housed in a bottle with an unusual teardrop shape, appearing to have a piece cut out of its side allowing it to be positioned horizontally and thus turned into a decanter.

In the vertical position the black glass bottle is a true design piece with a young, contemporary mood whose concept is enhanced by the highly original tag, a 360° graduated protractor describing the tilt of the bottle. The bottle is in fact designed to tilt to 68.2 degrees, allowing ideal oxygenation of the wine and triggering the release of an intense bouquet of ripe fruit, with spicy and balsamic notes. The bottle, the work of a design student from the BURG school in Germany, won the prestigious Bruni Glass Design Awards.

“We are proud to represent Italy in China with creations like Decanta, which has been given an extraordinary welcome by the public. In this product we combine the quality of our wine with the sophistication of the design, which in this case plays an essential role by enhancing the organoleptic characteristics of our Barbera”, adds Maria Paola Ceci, President of CECI 1938.

The discreet label is positioned on the section that becomes the base of the container when in a tilted position. On the table, the bottle will have an elegant, uniform look, ideal for a dinner, lunch or aperitif among friends; it is the ideal centrepiece.

Decanta wine, produced from Barbera grapes, has an alcohol content of 14% and is recommended served at a temperature of 16/18° in order to fully enjoy all its characteristics. Decanta adds a touch of red to those special shared moments.

Images available at this link: https://we.tl/t-XPDADlx9TE



Appellation: Barbera Emilia I.G.T.

Category: dry still red wine

Grape variety: Barbera

Harvest: mid-september

Soil: silty-calcareous

Process: red vinification

Winemaking: steel tanks

Alcohol level: 14% vol.

Residual sugar: 9 g/l

Total acidity: 5.5 g/l

Serving temperature 16/18° C.

Sizes available: 0.75 l

Code: L-1

The data are intended as standard of product


Appearance: Ruby red colour.

Nose: Deep mark of ripe fruit, cherries in alcohol, spicy sensations and balsamic notes, slight vegetal hints in the finis h.

Palate: Warm and moderately smooth. Ripe red fruit reconfirms its taste, the strong freshness and noticeable but not intrusive tannic texture, constitute an elegant balance obtained also thanks to the passage in wood. The slightly spicy and vegetal finish is lingering and persistent.

Suggested pairings: The perfect pairing with tasty and well-structured meats such as game, roasted, braised and grilled meats and it is excellent with aged cheeses. It pairs perfectly with first courses rich in flavour and with pork stew with caramel brown source, salty fried hairtail, smoked duck.






CECI 1938

Cantine CECI 1938, an international winery for over 80 years, brings the passion of Italian tradition to the world, together with a forward-looking vision and a relentless desire for innovation. CECI 1938 produces one of the world’s best-loved Lambrusco wines – the famous red bubbles – a wine that the company has

transformed over time into a unique nectar, setting new standards of recognisability. It’s a smooth wine, an ode to conviviality that lends itself beautifully to pairing; a true icon of the winery’s modernity.

Online, the company tells its story through the www.lambrusco.it website, a domain registered with pride and foresight in the early 1990s.

Design plays an essential role in CECI 1938’s style, fuelling its research into the shapes and colours used to create the unusual bottles and labels, truly stylish creations with a touch of cool.

The Ceci winery, established in 1938 by Otello Ceci, experienced an initial period of growth in the 1960s under Otello’s sons Bruno and Giovanni, who made their mark on the company for the next twenty years.

Today the grandchildren of Otello, Alessandro, Maria Paola and Maria Teresa, and the great-grandchildren Elisa and Chiara, continue the family’s story with their bold, distinctive choices, challenging the market by bringing inspirations and influences from other sectors such as fashion, design and art to traditional winemaking.

The aim is to stand out, offering an unconventional approach to one of the most traditional Italian industries, in order to speak to young people in a contemporary language.

CECI 1938 creations also include OTELLO CECI 1813 Edition Spumante Rosè, OTELLO CECI Color Therapy Spumante Brut, BRUNO E LE ROSE Spumante Rosè, NANI OTELLO CECI Spumante Brut and Extra Dry, Spumante CECI 1938 Brut and Extra Dry, Lambrusco TO YOU.

CECI 1938 products are distributed to 38 countries.

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