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Southern Vientiane Railway Station To Be Complete This Year

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Construction of the Southern Vientiane Railway Station is scheduled for completion at the end of this year.

The site of the Southern Vientiane Railway Station was relocated to Thanaleng Village in Hadxaifong District, from its previous location along the 450-Year Road, nearby Xaysettha Special Economic Zone.

The company’s General Manager, Mr. Xiao Qianwen, said that they followed the Lao government’s advice and relocated the railway station from 450-Year Road to Thanaleng, according to a report by the Vientiane Times.

“The project conducted a new survey and prepared new designs before the commencement of the construction project in 2020,” said Mr. Xiao Qianwen.

Despite facing some obstacles, the construction project is progressing well, and the company will try to complete it as scheduled.

The total length of the railway from Boten to the Southern Vientiane Railway Station in Thanaleng is 422.4 kilometers, not including sub-railways for track changes.

The track installations from Boten Station to Vientiane Railway Station are scheduled to be completed by the end of May.

Test runs will then be conducted along the railway between September to October.

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