Water Supply in Vientiane Capital May Experience Shortages During Pi Mai

Water Shortages in Vientiane Capital

Vientiane Capital Water Supply State Enterprise has announced that residents in the capital should store and conserve water during the Lao New Year festival (Pi Mai), as water may be in short supply.

According to a report by Lao Post, the Vientiane Water Supply Enterprise has called on Vientiane residents to conserve water as much as possible during new year celebrations.

Large volumes of water are normally used as part of the Lao New Year celebrations, when people typically wash images of the Buddha at local temples and engage in playful water fights.

Citizens across Vientiane Capital, particularly in areas where water is scarce, should consider storing water for household use.

The water supply company has appointed an emergency maintenance team as well as a team to investigate leaking pipes who will maintain water pressure in the pipeline system to avoid water loss.

The Vientiane Capital Water Supply Enterprise asks residents to save water by using a bucket to wash their cars, avoid watering dusty roads excessively, and try to use grey water or recycled water for watering gardens and lawns.