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7ECO Vietnam – A New Hope in A Green, Modern and Sustainable Agricultural Ecosystem

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HANOI, VIETNAM – Media OutReach – 27 April 2021 –

7ECO – Harnessing digital transformation for Vietnam’s agricultural growth

In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is critical to undertake research in order to grow and technologize the agricultural product processing industry.

As a leading developer in this process, 7ECO is striving for an technological revolution aiming to take Vietnamese agriculture to a whole new level.

7ECO is integrating digital transformation into Vietnam’s agriculture sector

7ECO is a UK-based company investing in and developing smart agricultural projects. With a vision towards developing clean and sustainable agriculture in Vietnam, 7ECO is employing technologies in agriculture to improve productivity and optimize land use potential. Currently, 7ECO has invested in multiple smart agricultural projects in many countries around the world such as Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Brazil, etc.

With the goal of developing an agriculture industry in line with the orientations of the Vietnamese government in 2021-2025, 7ECO Vietnam is currently using capital from both domestic and foreign investment funds with a focus on developing organic agriculture and providing output commitments to farmers while connecting and promoting exports to highly potential agricultural markets such as Europe, the Middle East, China, Australia, the United States, etc.

7ECO, in particular, pledges to synchronously integrate science and technologies to every single project, from soil treatment, planting, growing, harvesting, processing, quality verification to distribution. Smart agricultural production is going to be monitored in real-time. Production is going to be conducted on pre-programmed systems and linked to agricultural machinery and systems through digital means. The application of digital transformation in agriculture promises to bring about many positive changes to the growth of Vietnam’s economy.

7ECO Company is launching a number of significant projects in Vietnam in 2021

With multiple important projects to be launched in 2021 to transform Vietnam’s agriculture, 7ECO Vietnam has officially cooperated with a number of key strategic partners. This is a major turning point marking the revolution of the agriculture sector of Vietnam.

In view of that, on April 20, 2021, the signing ceremony of the investment and cooperation agreements between 7ECO Vietnam Company and various key strategic partners has taken place at the Grand Hall of Saigon, thereby strongly promoting the multilateral relations in harnessing modern technologies for agricultural production sectors in the future.

At the event, 7ECO has introduced the 7ECO – “For A Green Future” project as a comprehensive digital solution for resources, finance, administration, and human resources problems in Vietnam. That has opened up many opportunities for cooperation between individuals, businesses, and partners interested in agricultural solutions who wish to apply data digitalization technology into advanced agricultural models.

With the objective of integrating technology into agriculture to improve production efficiency, optimize land use potential, and develop clean and sustainable agriculture, 7ECO Vietnam commits to constantly strive to increase the agriculture values to a whole new level.

7ECO is an initiative of new heights aiming towards the sustainable development of the agriculture sector in Vietnam and other countries in the world. The 7ECO project confidently initiates and pioneers with strong financial resources from big corporations along with well-known investment funds such as Head Capital, VNC Capital, Aptus Capital, etc, in parallel is a talented leadership team with many years of experience in managing, investing, and developing many large projects, domestic and foreign.

Various leading experts have committed to accompanying the project, such as Professor – Doctor Vo Tong Xuan, a leading figure in the agriculture sector of Vietnam, Doctor Tran Nguyen Chi – Director of the Sustainable Farm Sinh Loc, Doctor Nguyen Van Hieu, etc.

Professor – Doctor, scientist Vo Tong Xuan at the event

With a solid financial foundation, modern digital technologies, and a team of foremost experts and operators, 7ECO will undoubtedly create a breakthrough for the growth of Vietnam’s agriculture in the near future.


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