Cliff Walkers Set IMAX China Labor Day Holiday Local Title Opening Record With 25 Million RMB(4 Days), Strong WOM Drives Box Office Surge


SHANGHAI, CHINA – Media OutReach – 4 May 2021 – Following the stellar New Year and Chinese New Year holidays, IMAX China(HKSE:1970) announced today another strong box office over the Labor Day Holiday. As of May 3rd , the domestic spy thriller Cliff Walkers, from renowned director Zhang Yimou, has grossed 25 million RMB across more than 710 IMAX theaters throughout the country, setting a record as the company’s best opening for a Chinese film during the Labor Day holiday. Driven by the film’s outstanding performance, IMAX China reported second-highest opening ever for the Labor Day holiday with a total of 34 million RMB grossing to date, following 2019’s record with superhero blockbuster Avengers 4:Endgame.

Cliff Walkers, as the fourth film directed by Zhang Yimou presented in IMAX, won strong acclaim from both film critics and audiences upon its release, scoring Maoyan and Taopiaopao ratings as high as 9.1. Meanwhile, the IMAX box office of Cliff Walkers on May 2 and May 3 both surpassed the previous day. And the film topped the total box office for a single day on May 3rd, driven by strong WOM. IMAX accounted for 7% of Cliff Walkers’ box office, an impressive feat as the film was only one of several shown on IMAX screens during this period, and IMAX screens account for only 1% of the total screens in China.

“We want to congratulate director Zhang Yimou and our partners China Film, Emperor Motion Pictures, Shanghai Film and Huaxia Film for achieving such strong box office results and high word-of-mouth from audiences,” said Edwin Tan, CEO of IMAX China. “After Coming Home, The Great Wall and Shadow, the artistic appeal of Zhang Yimou’s work once again struck a powerful chord with IMAX audiences. The record-setting IMAX box office performance of Cliff Walkers proves that the IMAX experience has become the top preference for Chinese moviegoers to enjoy a range of genres of both Chinese and Hollywood blockbusters. We look forward to seeing Cliff Walkers keep its strong momentum and attract even more moviegoers into IMAX theaters in its continued run during and after the Labor Day holiday. ”

Driven by the strong recovery of domestic consumption and the five-day holiday, more than 250 million people will travel during the holiday this year, according to estimates from Tong Cheng Travel. Industry observers predict that high-quality films such as Cliff Walkers will enjoy sustained strong box office performance, attracting audiences after their travels.

In addition to Cliff Walkers, IMAX theatres across China are currently screening Home Sweet Home, directed by Chen Zhengdao, and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. In addition, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of The King and Fast & Furious 9 will arrive in IMAX theaters on May 14th and May 21st, respectively. The Fast & Furious franchise is a particular favorite of Chinese IMAX fans, with the last two installments achieving box office of 2.4 and 2.7 billion RMB across China, with strong index of approximately 10%.

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