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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Pfizer Jabs Set to Begin Next Week in Vientiane

This Week

Laos is to roll out its Pfizer vaccinations to the elderly and those with underlying conditions in Vientiane next week.

According to a report by Pasaxon, the Lao government aims to reach 50% of the population in its vaccination drive throughout 2021.

Director of the Department of Hygiene and Health Promotion, Dr. Phonepaseuth Ounaphom, says the Lao government has set a goal of vaccinating 3.7 million individuals across the country against Coronavirus.

A total of over 600,000 people in Laos have received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccines, while over 100,000 have received their second dose, says Dr. Phonepaseuth.

“Laos has currently already received 1.4 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine, including Sputnik-v, Sinopharm, AstraZeneca, and now Pfizer,” Dr. Phonepaseuth added.

Meanwhile, authorities will launch the first round of Pfizer vaccinations to people over 60 and those with underlying health conditions next week, according to a statement issued by The National Taskforce Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

The Pfizer vaccinations will begin on 15 June in Vientiane Capital and later expand to other high-risk areas such as Bokeo, Champasack, and Savannakhet.

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