Tropical Storm Koguma Sees Heavy Rainfall Hit Laos

Tropical Storm Koguma

Tropical Storm Koguma is making its way across Vietnam today, extending into Northern Laos and causing heavy rain.

The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology issued a notice on Friday warning residents of heavy rains and storms across several parts of Laos this weekend, including Vientiane Capital.

Tropical Storm Koguma, whose name means “little bear” in Japanese, is expected to move from Hainan Island, across Vietnam, and hit northern, central, and southern Laos.

Laos often experiences floods and landslides as a result of strong rains, particularly during the rainy season, affecting crops and livelihoods.

Authorities have warned people across the country to be cautious of extreme weather, and prepare to move their families and belongings if a flood or landslide occurs.