3,000 People Affected by Floods in Xayaboury

Floods in Xayaboury Province from above.jpg

Villages in Xayaboury District of Xayaboury Province have been hit by serious floods after days of torrential rain in northern Laos.

Several villages in the district, including Nayao, Nator Yai, Nong Seng, Boung, Thin, Pong, Simueng, and Simoungkhoun villages have been inundated, according to a report by Lao National Radio.

Deputy Provincial Governor of Xayaboury, Mr. Phetphixay Sounvilay, says over 3,000 people in the nine villages of the district have been affected by the floods.

Government officials, police, military, and volunteers are working around the clock to assist households that have been severely affected by floods after heavy rain over the weekend, said Deputy Provincial Governor Phetphixay.

Members of the Lao People's Armed Forces assist farmers in evacuating livestock.
Members of the Lao People’s Armed Forces assist farmers in evacuating livestock.

Parts of northern and central Laos have been hit by floods after Tropical Storm Koguma blew across Laos over the weekend.

Floods and landslides triggered by Tropical Storm Koguma have impacted residences and agricultural land in Vientiane Province, Xayaboury, Xiengkhouang, and Bokeo.

Tropical Storm Koguma brought storms across Vietnam on Sunday, extending into Northern Laos and causing heavy rain throughout the country.