Tad Fah Waterfall Eco-Tourism Project 30 Percent Complete

Tat Fah Waterfall Eco-Tourism Development Project

The Tad Fah waterfall eco-tourism development project in Khounkham District, ​Khammouane Province, is now 30 percent complete.

According to a report by Pasaxon, the Tad Fah Waterfall area has been designated as a tourist site as part of conservation efforts and promotion of medicinal plants.

Deputy General Director of Tad Fah Eco-Tourism Company, Mr. Phoukham Philavong, says the company has a land concession on twelve hectares of land to develop Tad Fah as an eco-tourism destination.

Two hectares will be developed as a tourism development and service zone, while the eco-tourism development zone will be created on 10.6 hectares, with a 30-year concession that can be renewed, says Phoukham.

“The Eco-Tourism Development Project began in November 2020 at Sanam Village of Khounkham District, with a total value of USD 2 million, and is currently 30 percent complete,” Mr. Phoukham added.

Head of Khammouane’s Information, Culture, and Tourism Department, Mr. Xaysomboun Souvandala, says the company should create tourist attractions that include a variety of activities as well as studying the possibility of expanding the concession area.

“In addition to building facilities that will excite visitors, the company must also consider environmental conservation and tourist safety,” said Mr. Xaysomboun.

Various activities related to the development of eco-tourism and the promotion of medicinal plant cultivation will be carried out, including accommodation that will be built in harmony with nature, as well as the establishment of a tourism information center alongside other facilities.