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Cryptology Asset Group Purchases Additional Block.one Shares in the amount of $49 million

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Block.one, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin holders, recently unveiled their new cryptocurrency exchange launching in 2021, Bullish

VALLETTA, MALTA – EQS Newswire – 24 June 2021 – Cryptology Asset Group (ISIN: MT0001770107; Ticker: CAP:GR), a leading European investment company for blockchain- and crypto-related businesses, founded by Christian Angermayer and Mike Novogratz, announced it has purchased an additional $49 million worth of Block.one shares in a private transaction.

Block.one and many prominent investors recently unveiled a new subsidiary, Bullish Global, which raised $10B in funding. Bullish Global is focused on the 2021 planned release of Bullish, a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange. Investors in Bullish Global additional to Block.One include Peter Thiel, Alan Howard, Louis Bacon, Richard Li, Mike Novogratz, Christian Angermayer, and Nomura. By purchasing additional Block.one shares, Cryptology increases its indirect exposure to Bullish.

Cryptology already is one of the largest institutional investors in Block.one, now holding approx. 4.9% of the crypto behemoth. As Block.one is a privately held company, one of the only means for public market investors to gain exposure to it is indirectly through holding the publicly traded shares of Cryptology.

Cryptology founding investor, Christian Angermayer, said “Block.one is one of the most powerful, driving forces of the crypto revolution and its CEO, Brendan Blumer, is one of crypto’s leading visionaries. The caliber of investors Brendan has been able to bring together for Bullish Global is astounding and a testament to his gravitas. I am Bullish on the future of Block.one.”

Cryptology CEO, Patrick Lowry, added “Conviction is a superpower for investors and we at Cryptology are elated to be tripling down on Brendan’s vision for Block.one with this most recent investment. I look forward to the launch of Bullish and the continued drive towards mainstream and institutional adoption of crypto assets.”

Cryptology shares currently trade on several German exchanges including Börse Düsseldorf, Gettex and Tradegate. In order to increase trading liquidity and open up to new shareholder groups, Cryptology is currently exploring an international listing. The ticker symbol for Cryptology was recently changed from 4UD to CAP.

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About Cryptology Asset Group p.l.c.

Cryptology Asset Group (ISIN: MT0001770107; Ticker: CAP:GR) is a leading European investment company for crypto assets and blockchain-related business models. Founded by Christian Angermayer’s family office, Apeiron Investment Group, and crypto-legend Mike Novogratz, Cryptology is the largest publicly traded holding company for blockchain- and crypto-based business models in Europe. Noteworthy portfolio companies include crypto-giant and EOSIO software publisher Block.one, leading HPC provider Northern Data, commission-free online neobroker nextmarkets, and crypto asset management group Iconic Funds.

About Block.one:

Block.one is the creator of EOSIO, a leading open-sourced blockchain software that provides digital creators with the tools to build the high performance blockchain infrastructure of tomorrow. Block.one aims to empower creators and communities through strategic capital allocation and pioneers its own business ventures leveraging EOSIO technology to increase market efficiency, transparency, and participant alignment.

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