Party and Government to Address National Agendas, Drug Problem

Party central committee discusses national agendas (Photo: Lao National Radio)
The Party Central Committee extraordinary plenary session.

The Central Committee of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party has agreed to take action to address economic and financial challenges, as well as drug usage, which have been designated as national agendas.

A resolution was made at the extraordinary plenary session of the central committee, which took place from June 21-25 at its headquarters in Vientiane, according to the Vientiane Times.

The meeting, Chaired by Party Secretary-General and State President Thongloun Sisoulith, agreed to address economic woes by strengthening revenue collection, promoting austerity, and increasing effectiveness among state investments.

The need to address spending and debt repayment and stabilize the currency was also presented to the committee by the government.

The plenary session also saw the need to create a service, business, and production base adequate for meeting domestic supply and demand, as well as an increase in exports.

Meanwhile, the government has declared drug prevention and control a national agenda, with the central committee resolving that stopping drug abuse and trade is an essential task.

Laos is now facing serious social problems related to widespread drug abuse and trafficking, jeopardizing social security and order.

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Party Secretary Thongloun Sisoulith address the meeting (Photo: Lao National Radio).

Party Secretary Thongloun said that the Party, government, and people must work harder on all national agendas and address the difficulties faced by Laos.

He called on all central committee members to fulfill their roles as leaders in implementing the resolutions adopted by the meeting.