Phonhong District Enters Lockdown to Curb Spread of Covid-19

Phonhong goes into lockdown

Phonhong District in Vientiane Province is being placed under lockdown following an outbreak of Covid-19 in the district.

Deputy District Governor Bounmy Inthavong issued a lockdown notice yesterday, calling on all sectors to continue disseminating information on Covid-19 prevention measures.

Pubs and bars, karaoke bars, entertainment venues, buffet restaurants, snooker halls, massage parlors, spas, traditional saunas, cockfighting rings, and internet cafes are to remain closed.

Indoor sporting venues and contact sports are also prohibited.

Police officers are prohibited from stamping or issuing documents or notices during the lockdown.

Villages in Phonhong are prohibited from accepting citizens migrating from other provinces or localities that have community spread of Covid-19, except for those that have received two doses of Covid-19 vaccine and have documents authorizing travel.

Factories or other plants are prohibited from operating in areas that are designated as red zones.

Residents are prohibited from entering or exiting local areas or areas that have had outbreaks of Covid-19.

All gatherings and parties, especially those involving the consumption of alcohol, are strictly prohibited at all times and at all locations.

Areas with outbreaks of Covid-19 will be designated as red zones, while other villages must remain on high alert and monitor those entering and exiting the village.

The lockdown is to remain in place across Phonhong District from 28 June until 4 July.