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Tanoto Foundation Trains 800 Facilitators to Overcome Learning Loss

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JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Media OutReach – 1 July 2021 – In preparation for the new school year which begins in July, Tanoto Foundation trained more than 800 facilitators to enhance the capabilities of school teachers and principals in accelerating the implementation of blended learning and mitigating learning loss in students. The course equips educators with the necessary knowledge and skills in conducting limited in-person lessons as well as online lessons.

The independent philanthropy organization, founded by Sukanto Tantoto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto in 1981, is focused in empowering schools and madrasas to mitigate learning loss due to long-term distance learning. Its basic education program PINTAR drives initiatives to accelerate the achievement of these learning outcomes.

Tanoto Foundation’s PINTAR Program Director M Ari Widowati explained that facilitators across 25 partner districts and towns underwent a four-day course on synchronous and asynchronous learning. Participants were trained to identify student learning dispositions and appropriately apply differentiated learning plans. This approach is expected to further motivate students and improve learning outcomes.

Selected facilitators from the course will train principals and teachers from 843 partner schools and madrasas across five provinces – North Sumatra, Riau, Jambi, Central Java and East Kalimantan.

Adapted from a guide released by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, the course comprises training modules for both principals and teachers. The modules for principals cover school preparedness and adaptive pedagogical approaches in pandemic conditions, as well as implementation of the blended learning approach.

Ms. Ari further explained: “Both principals and teachers are simultaneously trained because they hold significant and inseparable roles in delivering a good education outcomes. Teachers prepare learning materials for students, while principals ensure teachers are adequately supported with resources and aids.”

PINTAR Program’s Training Head Golda Simatupang said principals who participate in the training will be better prepared for limited in-person learning. Ms. Golda explained: “The training covers in fulfilling administrative requirements, providing the needed facilities and infrastructure, developing learning strategies and arrangements, as well as having a monitoring and evaluation procedure to ensure that limited in-person learning can be carried out safely and effectively in schools.”

Principals are also trained in better managing teachers and staff for the implementation of blended learning. They learn to develop lesson plans that accommodate blended learning. They also learn to better support their staff and conduct blending learning simulations to fine-tune their curriculum planning,” said Ms. Golda.

The teacher training module comprises two units: A diagnostic assessment and the development of differentiated learning plans. This will enable teachers to more competently assess students with regard to the individual student’s learning loss, so that differentiated learning plans can be designed and implemented for each student.

Supardi, Principal of SMPN 2 Kendal state junior high school in Central Java, said that the training is urgently needed as new school year commenced. He said, “The training will help us immensely in providing both limited in-person and online learning. We will also be able to identify the learning requirements suited to each student’s needs and bridge any learning gaps.”

About Tanoto Foundation

Tanoto Foundation is an independent philanthropic organization founded by Sukanto Tanoto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto based on the belief that every person should have the opportunity to realize his or her full potential. Tanoto Foundation programs stem from the belief that quality education accelerates equal opportunity. We harness the transformative strength of education to realize people’s full potential and improve lives. Tanoto Foundation focuses on making an impact in three areas: improving learning environments, future leaders development, as well as medical research and sciences.


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