APlus Clean Solutions Expands Its Cleaning Services In Singapore


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 6 July 2021 – APlus Clean Solutions has announced its plan to expand on its current cleaning services in light of the recent spike in COVID cases in Singapore. Recognising the need for a clean and disinfected office environment to minimise the spread of the virus, the company has decided to provide its clients with its disinfection services to ensure their office is thoroughly cleansed in the event of a confirmed COVID case at work.

With reports of rising cases in the community, companies are understandable concerned and hope to avoid a cluster forming in their own offices. APlus Clean Solutions is hoping this new service will ease its clients’ concerns. The company has reassured its clientele that its disinfection team is highly trained and instructed on the proper protocols as per NEA guidelines.

The team will meticulously clean and wipe down every surface found across the environment to ensure the office is adequately sterilised. Furthermore, they will minimise contact and interference, so the area is appropriately dried, thus prolonging the depth and quality of the cleaning. Clients can also rest easy knowing the company only utilises non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe disinfectants.

In addition, APlus Clean Solutions is increasing the frequency of its office and commercial cleaning services. The company will now conduct its cleaning services on a daily basis upon a client’s request. The concern surrounding the pandemic has undoubtedly raised concerns among Singaporeans, with many paying greater attention to their personal hygiene and their office’s cleanliness. Furthermore, as various companies begin to ease their work from home protocols, employers would want to ensure their office environment is spick and span so that their employees do not fall sick at work.

Founded in 2014, APlus Clean Solutions is a professional cleaning company that provides quality cleaning services at an affordable price. In addition to its new disinfection services, the company also offers customised commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, and stone care services to meet its clients’ various needs.

For more information on the company’s cleaning services, please visit https://apluscleansolutions.com/.