Laos Confirms Fifth Covid-19 Death

Laos confirms fifth Covid-19 death
Photo: 1629 Rescue Savannakhet

Laos has confirmed its fifth death as a result of Covid-19 in Savannakhet Province.

A 49-year-old man from Nongboua Tha, Songkhon District, Savannakhet Province passed away today at a field hospital in Savannakhet Province.

The man had been working as a migrant laborer in Thailand and had recently returned home to Laos.

He had tested positive for Covid-19 upon his return and was sent to the field hospital for treatment.

His body was taken for cremation at a Buddhist temple today.

The death comes after that of a 67-year-old man died of Covid-19 in Vientiane’s Mittaphab Hospital earlier this week.