Laos Opposes Politicization of Covid-19 Origin Issue

Laos opposes politicization of Covid-19 origin tracing

Laos has issued a statement saying that it opposes the politicization of origin-tracing of Covid-19.

The Lao Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Monday, according to China Global Television Network, saying that global cooperation in novel coronavirus origin-tracing work is a complex scientific issue, which must uphold the spirit of objectivity, transparency, inclusiveness, and pure scientific research.

“In the face of the raging pandemic of this scale unseen in a century, no country can be immune to its adverse effects, and the international community should sincerely cooperate to overcome the difficulties together,” said the statement.

The statement stresses the importance of opposing politicization of origin-tracing of Covid-19, noting that all countries should make every effort to promote cooperation in vaccine and drug research, development, and production, given that the mutated virus is becoming more contagious, weakening the effectiveness of existing vaccines.

Only by strengthening multilateral cooperation can all countries, especially developing countries, have equal access to vaccines and medicines and ultimately defeat the pandemic, it said, adding that Laos supports and stands ready to contribute to this regard.