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PhD Education Releases New Edition For Secondary 2 Maths Exam Bundle

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 25 August 2021 – PhD Education announces a new edition to its Secondary 2 Mathematics Exam Package, alongside its collection of comprehensive exam packages for the student population. This exam bundle encompasses mathematical problems from the latest syllabus in varying difficulty levels, with real-world contexts to maximise learning.

The package will have two main sections, “Mathematical Concepts and Skills” and “Problems in Real-World Contexts”. The first section will include an extensive range of questions in numerous difficulty levels, allowing students to attain a high level of proficiency in the subject. The following section lets students apply the skills and mathematical concepts gained from the prior section to real-world problems, such as recipes, sports and games, and transport schedules. This will equip students with the ability to solve everyday mathematical problems.

In time, the mathematics curriculum will slowly evolve to include additional topics, like the applications of maths to problems rooted in real-world contexts, to boost students’ learning abilities and skills. However, repetition, drilling, and consistent practice will still hold great importance in learning maths as it is a subject that requires one to master foundational skills to a certain extent to progress. With that in mind, PhD Education hopes to contribute to a student’s learning journey with its updated and complete exam package.

A test paper specialist for primary and secondary students, PhD Education was formed in 2010 with a team of qualified editors and writers. Contents found in PhD Education’s exam packages are consistent with the latest MOE SEAB Syllabuses in regards to O Level English practice exercises or PSLE Maths questions. Meticulous care is also put into graphics creation, content organisation, and layout. Before the exam packages are released, editors who are existing school teachers will conduct due editing and vetting. At PhD Education, the quantity and quality of the contents hold great value, which is why they have released a newer edition of the Secondary 2 Maths Exam Package to develop student learning.



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