Vientiane Police to Strictly Monitor Curfew Violations

Public Security (police) forces in Vientiane Capital
Public Security forces in Vientiane Capital (Photo: Lao Security News).

Police in Vientiane Capital have been ordered to keep a close eye on restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as ensuring all residents comply with Covid restriction measures.

Head of Vientiane Public Security Command, Colonel Soukphachanh Bouddakham, has urged those under his command to work harder in monitoring entertainment venues, ensuring no service of alcohol occurs, and that restaurants in the capital close by 9 pm, according to Vientiane Security News.

Authorities in Vientiane Capital have been conducting nightly patrols to ensure that karaoke bars, entertainment venues, tourism sites, night markets, food gardens, pubs (including grill and barbecue restaurants serving alcohol), cinemas, snooker halls, massage parlors, spas, beauty parlors, and internet cafes remain closed, according to Colonel Soukphachanh Bouddakham.

“Parties and gatherings of any sort are absolutely forbidden at any location, and anyone who disobeys this order will be fined or may be placed in a state quarantine center as per the mayor’s order,” Colonel Soukphachanh said.

“Police are working closely with village authorities in the red zones to ensure all residents abide by the rules,” Colonel Soukphachanh added.

The Mayor of Vientiane Capital issued an urgent order increasing Covid-19 restrictions and imposing a curfew in the nation’s capital from yesterday until 15 September.