Laos Sees Higher Numbers of Local Cases Than Imported Cases

Covid update Champasack

Laos has confirmed 146 new cases of Covid-19, bringing the total number of cases to 15,605.

Dr. Sisavath Soutthanalaxay led the daily announcement by the Covid Taskforce today, saying that the country had conducted 2,807 tests over the last 24 hours.

The country saw a greater number of community cases than imported cases today, with a large number of locally acquired cases in Champsack Province.

Some 81 cases of community spread of Covid-19 were recorded in Laos, with one case in Vientiane Capital, two in Vientiane Province, six in Savannakhet, 54 in Champasack, 6 in Bokeo, three in Bolikhamxay, two in Khammouane, one in Xayaboury, three in Luang Prabang, two in Oudomxay, and one in Xayasomboun.

The 54 community cases confirmed in Champasack Province involve family and close friends of those infected with Covid-19 in Pathoumphone District.

In Bokeo, community cases include residents of Ton Pheung and the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, as well as one Thai national operating a freight transportation vehicle.

-Cases in Savannakhet included an employee of Lane Xang Minerals and those in contact with previous cases.

-In Luang Prabang, community cases involved persons connected to a funeral held in Nan District.

-In Bolikhamxay, community cases were traced to a case in Vientiane Capital and a migrant worker who returned from Thailand and completed 29 days of quarantine in Savannakhet.

-In Vientiane Province, two cases in Kasi District have been traced to a person who arrived from Ton Pheung District in Bokeo Province.

-In Xayaboury, the 8-year-old daughter of an infected person employed as a driver by Phonesvanh Company.

-In Xaysomboun, a resident of Long Cheng District became infected after leaving a quarantine center in Savannakhet Province.

-The single community case recorded in Vientiane Capital was traced to an individual working for a transportation company in Khamhoung Village, Xaythany District.

Meanwhile, the country recorded 65 imported cases, with five in Vientiane Capital, 12 in Savannakhet, 15 in Champasack, 21 in Salavanh, one in Bokeo, three in Bolikhamxay, seven Khammouane, and one in Luang Prabang.

The country now has 5,463 and has now recorded 15 deaths.