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Chinese Developers to Construct 100m Buddha Image at That Luang Marsh

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A giant Buddha image is to be constructed at the That Luang Marsh Specific Economic Zone (SEZ) as part of plans for a new cultural attraction.

Authorities have held discussions with the project owner for the construction of the Buddha image, according to the developer, who says that construction will begin shortly.

Deputy Prime Minister of Laos, Dr. Kikeo Khaykhamphithoun, visited the project office and met with the developers last week to learn more about the project.

He says the Buddha image construction project is aimed at promoting the culture and history of Laos.

Dr. Kikeo Khaykhamphithoun views Buddha images at the developer's office
Dr. Kikeo Khaykhamphithoun views Buddha images at the developer’s office

“The giant Buddha image will strengthen Buddhism in the era of globalization as well as promoting economic development in the SEZ,” said Dr. Kikeo Khaykhamphithoun.

“The project will provide a detailed history of Lao culture to avoid any issues that may occur following construction,” Dr. Kikeo Khaykhamphithoun added.

Wan Feng Shanghai Real Estate Company, a Chinese developer, will construct the 100-meter-high Buddha image at the That Luang Marsh SEZ.

The That Luang Marsh Special Economic Zone (SEZ) began operating in 2012 and has a total area of 365 hectares.

The government uses this initiative as a model for SEZ growth in Laos, with the aim of attracting additional foreign investment.

Upon completion, the project is to encompass residential areas, public parks and green spaces, a lake, a hospital, an education center, restaurants, a sporting complex, and a commercial center.

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