Garment Factory Outbreak Spreads to Xiengkhouang Province

Xieng Khouang Covid Update

Laos has confirmed 214 cases of Covid-19 today, with community spread continuing in Vientiane Capital.

The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control reported that 5,117 tests were conducted over the last 24 hours.

Today the country saw 162 community cases of Covid-19, with 77 in Vientiane Capital, 33 in Champasack, 28 in Khammouane, nine in Savannakhet, two in Xieng Khouang, one case in Bolikhamxay, and 12 in Bokeo (in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, including one Lao national, six Myanmar nationals, and five Chinese nationals).

In Vientiane Capital, cases involving workers at the Alphilao Garment Factory reached 42, with 40 of these confirmed by the Dongdok Testing Center, and two testing positive at the factory itself.

Another 29 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed by the testing center at the Beungkhanyong Stadium.

New Red Zones in Vientiane Capital include:

-Thongpong, Viengkham, Nongteng Tai, Nongduang, Dongnathong in Sikhottabong District. 

– Phonethan Village in Saysettha District. 

– Nasiao Village in Naxaythong Village.

– Saphangmeuk Village in Xaythany District.

In Xieng Khouang Province, one of the positive cases was a worker at the Alpilao Garment Factory, with the other case being a shopkeeper. The two had traveled to Xieng Khouang to attend their father’s funeral in Horsim Village, Phaxay District.

Provincial authorities have ordered all funeral attendees to self-isolate for a full 14 days.

Meanwhile, some 52 imported cases were recorded, with 12 in Salavanh, 32 in Savannakhet, four in Champsack, two in Vientiane Capital, and two in Khammouane Province.

Laos now has 4,255 active cases of Covid-19, with 16 confirmed deaths, and 19,399 total cases.