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Maison Métaphore…Brings Its Latest Designer Collection to The World Through Its New E-Commerce Website

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TOKYO, JAPAN – Media OutReach – 20 September 2021 – Japanese fashion brand Metaphor, directed by Kento Fukatsu, fashion designer and founder, has launched its global e-commerce website with its new brand, Maison Métaphore…. The launch coincides with the release of the brand’s autumn/winter 2021 collection and aims to expand its reach across the world.

Metaphor from 2019 Spring/Summer

“Just like a metaphor, the concept behind Maison Métaphore…is to convey our evolving world through innovative, ground-breaking fashion. By launching our global e-commerce website, we are enabling a larger number of people the opportunity to express themselves through our progressive, gender-neutral apparel,” said Kento Fukatsu, designer and founder of Maison Métaphore… and Metaphor.

Fukatsu’s approach to design is the use of juxtapositions and is inspired by Dadaism, an art movement that began during the First World War in Zurich. This produces clothes that give the impression they are not worn exactly as they were intended i.e., backwards, inside out, or skirts that look like pants. In addition, and with sustainable fashion in mind, Fukatsu’s designs are designed to be worn for a long time by a wide range of people, regardless of gender.

The theme for the brand’s autumn/winter 2021 collection is In the Middle of Change with the brand’s signature sense of incompatibility. With a nod to the world’s circumstances, it was created with a mixture of diverse cultures in mind but still from a Japanese perspective. The collection uses the best materials from Japan and features a combination of a bustier, jacket and a jumper skirt reconstructed from a trench coat.

The collection was supervised by the stylist Tsuyoshi Kurata. The e-commerce website will be available in English, Simplified Chinese and Japanese as well as providing access to a 24/7 live chat with customer support. The site also offers buyers free shipping globally.

Trench Jumper skirt $613.33

Bustier docked jacket $707.69

Trench docked wool trouser $547.28

Vest docked wool coat $1,037.95

About Maison Métaphore…

Founded by acclaimed Japanese designer Kento Fukatsu, Maison Métaphore…is a global e-commerce brand designing unique apparel collections for both female and male consumers. ‘Metaphor’ was selected as one the nine best young brands 2016 by fashionsnap.com. The brand was originally established as a Japanese domestic brand, Metaphor and was renamed to Maison Métaphore… in 2021.

Website: maisonmetaphore.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maison_metaphore_official/


About Kento Fukatsu

Kento Fukatsu founder of Metaphor and Maison Métaphore… is an experienced designer who breaks the rules of fashion. He is inspired by Dadaism and Japanese underground street culture, which is the identity of the designer himself, as well as innovative items that are conscious of diversity. After graduating from the Fashion Creative Department of Esmod Japon, he launched Metaphor… in 2016.

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