Vang Vieng Expressway Cuts Off Vientiane Capital Section

Vang Vieng Expressway Contractor Clarifies Delay (Photo: Lao X)
Photo: Lao X

The Vang Vieng Expressway has issued a statement that certain sections of the expressway are now closed, with entrance to the capital prohibited.

The Vientiane to Vang Vieng Expressway has sealed off sections within the borders of Vientiane Capital, starting from Boua Village, Naxaythong District and ending at Phonkham toll station.

The notice was issued by the expressway in accordance with new lockdown measures in place for Vientiane Capital, confirmed by the deputy mayor yesterday.

The Vang Vieng Expressway has restricted the Vientiane Capital sections.

Motorists traveling from Vientiane Capital can now travel only as far as the Naxon and Boua toll stations, while vehicles entering the Boua toll station may exit at either Naxon or Vientiane Capital toll stations.

Motorists from Vang Vieng are not permitted to travel to Vientiane Capital on the expressway.

Residents of Vientiane Province, however, are allowed to use the expressway between Phonkham and Vang Vieng toll stations.