Xieng Khouang Province Goes Into Lockdown

Phonsavan in Xieng Khouang
Phonsavan Town in Xieng Khouang Province.

Xieng Khouang Province has gone into lockdown following the spread of Covid-19 believed to have originated in Vientiane Capital.

The lockdown order was signed off by Sivilay Sengchaleun, Deputy Provincial Governor of Xieng Khouang Province on Sunday.

Under the order, which went into effect at midnight Monday morning, travel into and out of Xieng Khouang Province is prohibited, with private and public schools closed, and meetings and conferences prohibited.

All types of gatherings and festivals are prohibited in the province during the lockdown period, while hospitals have been instructed to prepare for an influx of cases of Covid-19.

Police will issue fines of up to LAK 3,000,000 to individuals who violate the lockdown order, with fines of up to LAK 10,000,000 for any organization or entity that violates the order.

Checkpoints will be established around the province during the lockdown period, which will be in effect until 30 September.

Two individuals connected to an outbreak at the Alpilao Garment Factory in Vientiane Capital traveled to Xieng Khouang Province for a funeral on Saturday, spreading the virus to residents of the province.