Over 480 Families Affected by Floods in Kenthao District, Xayaboury

Flooding in Kenthao District

Villages in Kenthao District, Xayaboury Province have suffered severe flooding after days of heavy rain.

According to a report by KPL, over 480 families in 19 villages in the district have been affected by floods that occurred last week.

Heavy rains pounded Kenthao for several days, inundating major agricultural areas and other infrastructure, and causing an estimated LAK 3.8 billion of damage, according to the Labour and Social Welfare Office of Kenthao District.

Some 30 homes, 130 hectares of agricultural land, four sections of road, and eight bridges have been damaged by the floods.

Flooding in Kenthao District
Roads inundated in Kenthao District in early September.

This is the second time in a matter of weeks that Kenthao District has been flooded, with the district sustaining damage after the Namheuang River burst its banks on 10 September.

Parts of northern and southern Laos were hit by floods after a tropical depression blew across Laos over the weekend as the country experiences a particularly wet September.

Meanwhile, flash flooding has been reported in Lao Ngam District, Salavanh Province, where floodwaters inundated villages in the district amid heavy rains last week.