Xayaboury Province to Build Haystack Museum

Haystack Festival in Phieng District, Xayaboury Province.
Haystack Festival in Phieng District, Xayaboury Province (Photo: Champa Meuanglao).

A haystack museum is to be constructed in Phieng District, Xayaboury Province, that will showcase the artistic talents of local people who build sculptures from rice straw.

The Phieng District office of Information, Culture, and Tourism has signed an agreement to construct the Haystack Museum, also known as the Kong Khao Yai Museum, in Xayaboury Province.

According to a report by Lao Economic Daily, the Kong Khao Yai Museum construction project is being overseen by the Phieng District Information, Culture, and Tourism Office, with construction being undertaken by Leuxay Construction.

The LAK 4.8 billion museum is scheduled to be complete in 2023 and will serve as a new tourist attraction for the locality.

Haystack in Phieng District Xayaboury
Haystacks in Phieng District, Xayaboury (Photo: Champa Meuanglao Magazine).

After the harvest ends, Lao people traditionally make merit to the rice spirits so that they could have a plentiful harvest the next year.

This is still famously celebrated with large ceremonial haystacks in Phieng District, Xayaboury Province.