Vientiane Police Bust Wild Party at Hotel in Sisattanak District

Police Bust Party at Vientiane Hotel
Police apprehend partygoers at the Khongkham Hotel in Sisattanak District, Vientiane Capital.

Vientiane Capital police busted a party held in a room at Khongkham Hotel, in Sisattanak District, where foreign and local residents were found with drugs and illicit firearms.

According to a report by Vientiane Security News, police were called to the scene on Monday where they found two groups of foreigners and Lao residents who had organized a party.

Thirteen Chinese nationals and 19 Lao citizens were found in rooms at the Khongkham Hotel in Phonsinuan, Sisattanak District in direct violation of the Covid-19 restrictions issued by the Mayor of Vientiane Capital.

Authorities discovered three handguns, 40 bullets, and 19 packages of methamphetamines at the scene.

Guns and drugs found at the scene
Handguns and drugs found at the scene.

The partygoers were tested for Covid-19 and will be placed into quarantine for 14 days before sentencing. Under current regulations, those holding a party or gathering face fines of LAK 3,000,000 per person and are liable for any damages caused, including the spread of Covid-19.

Vang Vieng a Hotspot for Illegal Gatherings

Meanwhile, police in Vang Vieng District of Vientiane Province were called to apprehend groups of foreign and local residents who had illegally arranged gatherings at resorts and restaurants on Sunday, according to Lao National Radio.

Vang Vieng District Governor, Mr. Bounchan Malavong, says police in his district had uncovered three separate incidents involving illegal gatherings.

Six foreign workers employed by the Laos-China Railway project and some 28 Lao residents were found to be illegally holding gatherings at resorts and bars in Vang Vieng.

Mr. Bounchan said that the majority of those at the gatherings had illegally traveled to Vang Vieng from Vientiane Capital.

Police issued fines for both the partygoers and restaurant and resort owners, who were also issued a final warning and ordered to temporarily close their businesses, said Mr. Bounchan.