Man Electrocuted Cutting Cables Along Laos-China Railway

Laos-China Railway sees 80 percent of track lain

A man has died after being electrocuted while cutting cables at a Naxaythong section of the Laos-China Railway in Vientiane Capital.

It is believed the man had been attempting to steal electrical cables.

The incident occurred in Chengsavang Village, Naxaythong District yesterday when a local man attempted to cut cables, presumably stealing for sale as scrap.

The man suffered severe electrical burns to his feet and legs and is presumed to have died instantly, according to Socio-Economic Newspaper.

Electrical systems and transmission lines along the Laos-China Railway went live in August, with the public advised to keep away from electrical equipment.

A hazardous high-voltage zone extends 20 meters around transmission cables.

Residents living near the Laos-China railway have been advised to stay away from transmission cables, while crossing any part of the railways except for at authorized crossings is prohibited.

The first passenger train to travel along the Laos-China Railway arrived in Laos over the weekend, after the Prime Minister of Laos announced that the Laos-China Railway would officially open on schedule in time for the National Day of Laos on 2 December.

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