Public Warned About Electrical Hazards Along Laos-China Railway

Public Warned to Keep Away From Electrical Hazards along Railway

Electrical systems and transmission lines are expected to be operational along the Laos-China Railway in the coming days, with the public advised to keep away from electrical equipment.

According to a report by social media page, Tholakhong, the 10 kV electrified route and its associated equipment along the Laos-China Railway went live yesterday.

On 19 September, the transmission lines linking Boten tunnel to Vientiane Station and the locomotive depot along the railway will begin to discharge electricity, resulting in all power supply lines and spare components along the railway line carrying high voltage.

A hazardous high-voltage zone extends 20 meters around transmission cables.

High voltage electrical equipment along the Laos-China Railway
High voltage electrical equipment along the Laos-China Railway

Residents living near the Laos-China railway have been advised to stay away from transmission cables, while crossing any part of the railways except for at authorized crossings is prohibited.

Laos has announced that the Laos-China Railway is scheduled to officially open in early December this year.

The Laos-China Railway will run some 426 kilometers, including 198km of tunnels, and will traverse 62km of bridges. It will run from the Boten border gate, connecting Northern Laos to China, down to Vientiane Capital, with an operating speed of 160km per hour, and is now over 90% percent complete.