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Thai Conspiracy Theorist Calls on Lao Authorities to Investigate Naga Fireballs

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A Thai national and head of a group of conspiracy theorists has called on authorities in Laos to investigate the source of mysterious fireballs known to appear in the Mekong River.

Mr. Somphop Khamsavath, a Thai national, submitted documents to the Embassy of Laos in Bangkok yesterday, containing information he says proves that the fireballs are human-made.

The Naga fireballs, also known as the “Mekong lights” or “Ghost lights” are a phenomenon witnessed annually along the Mekong River. According to reports, glowing balls are said to rise from the water high into the air. They are said to be a reddish-orange color and range in size from tiny specks to the size of basketballs.

Local legend states that fireballs are produced by a Phaya Nak, or mythical giant serpent, which lives in the Mekong River.

According to a report by Thairath Online, Somphop has requested that Lao authorities investigate the facts surrounding the source of Naga fireballs in Laos.

Conspiracy theorist Somphop at Lao Embassy in Bangkok
Conspiracy theorist Somphop at Lao Embassy in Bangkok

Mr. Somphop Khamsavath, a Thai national and administrator of the Facebook page, “Disproving the Naga Fireballs” filed paperwork with Lao authorities, saying he believes the Naga fireballs are in fact caused by the firing of flare gun ammunition in some Lao villages.

Intrigued by the phenomenon, Mr. Somphop said that he and his group had visited Laos and witnessed the so-called Naga fireballs, collecting evidence to prove that they are human-made.

“Our evidence shows that flare guns were fired by local residents in four villages along the Mekong River bank in Pak Ngum District, Vientiane Capital, and six villages in Bolikhamxay Province, Laos, to fool Thai people into believing the Naga Fireballs are real,” said Mr. Somphop.

“Our group has monitored and collected information on the source of Naga fireballs for over ten years, but no one has been able to photograph a Naga fireball emerging from the river clearly,” Mr. Somphop added.

Lao authorities have not given comment on the matter.

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