Beer Truck Drug Trafficker Arrested After Seven Tons of Illicit Drugs Seized

Beer Truck Drug Smuggler Arrested
Beer truck drug smuggler arrested in Bokeo Province.

A man has been arrested in connection with a truck smuggling tons of illicit drugs in Bokeo Province.

Police found over seven tons of amphetamine and crystal methamphetamines packaged into empty beer crates and bottles when they raided a truck in the province.

Authorities confiscated a massive amount of amphetamines, including 55.6 million tablets and 1,537 packets of crystal methamphetamines, which were being smuggled in the truck carrying crates of empty beer bottles, Lao Security News reports.

The 22-year-old driver, identified as Mr. Thongxay Thor, a resident of Houayxay District, Bokeo Province was detained on the same day.

He initially claimed that he had no knowledge of the content of the beer crates, and had only been hired to transport them from Bokeo Province.

Truck carrying empty beer bottles filled with illicit drugs
A truck carrying empty beer bottles filled with illicit drugs.

After further investigation, police apprehended Mr. Xaytong Thor, a 40-year-old businessman from Houayxay Noi Village in Houayxay District of Bokeo, who had hired the driver to transport the illicit substances.

Several types of illicit drugs were discovered at his residence, including 45.5 kilograms of amphetamines, tablet press equipment, an AK-47 rifle, and other illegal items.

According to a representative of the United Nations who spoke with foreign media, this drug bust may mean police in Laos have made the biggest single drug seizure ever recorded in Asia.

Earlier in the week, police in Ton Pheung District, Bokeo Province, seized over six million tablets of amphetamines in another massive drug haul.

The Lao government has declared drug prevention and control a national agenda, which calls for decisive action and the participation of multiple sectors to combat the narcotics threat.

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