Luang Prabang Relaxes Lockdown Measures

Luang Prabang eases lockdown measures
(Photo: Evensong Film)


Luang Prabang City is to ease its unpopular lockdown measures, which many residents say were overly strict.

During a meeting held on 29 October, Mayor of the City of Luang Prabang, Mr. Viengthong Hatsachan, approved a draft notice on the easing of lockdown measures.


Covid-19 vaccinations will continue across the city, while only four police checkpoints will remain in place to prevent entry into or exit of the city. These will be placed at Ban Phonexay, Ban Kok Ngiew, the central ferry pier, and Ban Sangkhalok (KM4).

Red zone villages will remain closed, with residents prohibited from entering or exiting. Red zones will be monitored 24 hours a day.

Authorities will continue to strictly inspect and monitor laborers smuggled in from other provinces, foreign countries, and individuals from areas of risk.

All entertainment venues, karaoke bars, night markets, food gardens along waterways and in rice fields, beer gardens, massage parlors, spas, internet cafes, and game shops must remain closed.

Measures regarding funerals will be strictly enforced, with every village, hotel operator, resort, and guesthouse to continue inspection of vaccination certificates.

The nighttime curfew in Luang Prabang City from 22:00s – 4:00 will remain in place.

Eased Measures:

Checkpoints within Luang Prabang City will be removed (except for the four entry and exit points outlined above).

Residents of Luang Prabang. are now allowed to travel between districts, but interprovincial travel is still restricted.

Residents may return to work at offices (except offices where Covid-19 infections have been confirmed).

Wholesale and retail shops, supermarkets, mini-markets, fresh markets, food markets, and coffee shops outside red zones are allowed to open but must ensure Covid-19 prevention measures are in place to prevent infection and must close at 9pm.

Restaurants may reopen, however, alcohol may not be served and tables must be spaced at least one meter apart, except for barbecue meat shops which may only open for takeaway.

Barbershops and beauty salons outside of red zones that provide only hairdressing services may reopen. Shop owners and customers must be fully vaccinated, and these businesses must close at 6pm.

Delivery services may resume however but food delivery employees must maintain strict Covid-19 prevention measures, such as complete vaccination, wearing gloves and facemask, and using disinfectant before and after delivery, as well as maintaining a distance of at least one meter from other people. It is strictly forbidden to deliver food to quarantine centers and villages in red zones.

Residents living outside of red zones may go out to harvest or work in fields and agricultural gardens (but should not gather in groups of more than ten people).


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