Get Up Close with the Mercedes-Benz Vans Virtual Experience


Get up close and personal with your favourite Mercedes-Benz Vans.

At a time when the world is still discovering a ‘new normal’, Mercedes-Benz has found a way to make car purchasing more convenient for their customers, by innovatively combining digital and physical touchpoints for a seamless customer experience.

As the first automotive company to introduce a virtual showroom in Laos, they’ve now given their shoppers the option to shop and customize their V-Class from the comfort of their own home, with just a 1-link click. Understanding the digital direction the Lao community is moving towards, Mercedes-Benz Laos encourages all car shoppers to visit their digital showroom for a new experience.

With the new Vans Virtual Showroom, customers can customize and try out different designs on their dream V-Class with the assurance that they will still have a pleasant retail experience. The platform will allow customers to explore the inside and outside look of the van with a 360-degree view. After the customer’s online experience, they will be able to request more information from their local Mercedes-Benz showroom.

Customize your dream V-Class by scanning the QR code, or clicking on the link provided below:

For more information, contact the Mercedes-Benz dealership:

Office number: 021 244 472




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