Police Officer Disciplined for Posting TikTok Video While in Uniform

Police Officer Disciplined for TikTok Video

A police officer in Vientiane Province has been disciplined after posting a video of himself performing a song while in uniform on social media.

According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Public Security on Tuesday, authorities in Vientiane Province reprimanded the police officer for publishing a video of himself singing a Thai song while in uniform on popular social media channel, TikTok.

The 55-year-old major, stationed in Vientiane Province, released the video on 10 March before being investigated by authorities.

According to the notice, the police officer failed to comply with internal regulations regarding use of social media issued by the Ministry of Public Security.

He has been issued a warning by the authorities.

Police are prohibited from publishing or disclosing official information, as well as releasing images or videos via electronic media while in uniform, without the approval of authorities or relevant organizations.

TikTok is now one of the most downloaded applications in Southeast Asia where it is seeing exponential growth.  The application has not released information about its penetration in Laos, however, it is extremely popular across all segments of society.

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