Laos to Increase Fuel Prices Again Tomorrow

Motorists rush to fill up before fuel prices rise
Motorists rush to fill up before fuel prices rise (Photo: Toua)

The government of Laos has announced an increase in fuel prices effective tomorrow following a recent fuel shortage.

According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the price of fuels across Laos is to increase tomorrow.

Premium gasoline in Vientiane Capital is to increase tomorrow by LAK 840 per liter, while regular gasoline will rise by LAK 200 per liter.

The price of diesel fuel is also to increase by LAK 530 per liter.

Fuel is among a list of commodities regulated by the government, being increased seventeen times already this year as the Lao kip continues to depreciate.

The country has been hit by intermittent fuel shortages this year as trucks delivering imported fuel make the trip from Thailand only twice per month.

Meanwhile, importers must exchange Lao currency for US Dollars before purchasing fuel, while the exchange rate remains unfavorable.  At the same time, government regulations on fuel prices cap the price at the pump, meaning some petrol stations stand to make a loss.