5 Core Concepts You Should Know About Laos Culture

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Being a landlocked country, Laos is a country that has managed to preserve its culture from the influence of other countries. Within the country itself, one will find huge diversity in the ethnicity and the linguistic group that makes it a culturally rich country. Even though Laos is a small country, it is a culturally rich country that houses more than 68 ethnic countries. 

1. Laos Are Against Undue Psychological Stress

Most of the Laos population follows Buddhism that promotes the cooling of the human mind. Strong emotions are not appreciated in the country and population, in general, believe in karma, devotion, and prayer. Away from the hustle culture of the West, Laos prefers to have an easy-going life with elements of fun. One of the core concepts of Laos culture is to avoid undue psychological stress. In the same alignment, it does not believe in being too much stressed for work or future plans. Even though sometimes, it is treated as a lack of ambition by the outsiders, the truth is that it is a sure-shot way of staying happy that cannot either be earned by winning a lottery such as Bodoland Lottery or withdrawing a monthly salary. Inner peace is everything for the Laos population. 

2. Lao Culture Revolves Around Pleasures Of Life 

As discussed previously, Laos avoids undue psychological stress but the question that arises is that how is that possible? It is possible in Laos because the Lao culture revolves around simple pleasures in life like eating, sleeping, having family time, or winning a Lottery Sambad. Socialization holds a priority in Laos culture and it often overshadows work problems. It is a general norm in Laos to ask whether you are enjoying your life and having fun or not. 

3. The Country Is FIlled With Open-Minded People 

Not even the Westerns are fully accepting of the gay community and transgender, but that is not the case in Laos who fully accepted this minority group. It is common in Laos to find Khatoeys working in hotels and restaurants, fully dressed with pride. Even though Laos has managed to preserve its culture, it is not conservative and believes in accepting everyone the way they are which makes the country a beautiful place to stay with the head held high. 

4. Fatalism Plays A Role In Perspectives Of Laos 

Fatalism refers to the idea that all the events that take place are pre-determined and sometimes, even if wanted, the outcome cannot be changed. This core concept is widely visible in the perspectives that are adopted by Laos. The perspective frees the people of Laos from the stress of wondering about the problems of the future and further makes them more acceptable towards the outcome that they receive. Fatalism visible in Laos people in no way can be seen that the people of Laos are running out of responsibility. It simply means that they are quite acceptable to the events and trajectories that they may encounter in their life. 

5. Time Is Flexible In Laos

In Laos, time is treated as a flexible entity and the Laos people prefer to practice mindfulness while ensuring that their mind is not troubled about the passing time. As a result, the Laos people treat time quite flexibly and one might find them very punctual in the social gathering. However, the same does not work for the business culture of Laos. In Lao business culture, punctuality is of utmost importance and it is used to show respect for the counterpart. Therefore, it is quite acceptable in Laos to arrive at a social gathering late but the same will not be seen with the same view when done for a business meeting. 


The culture and core concept of the Lao population is greatly shaped by the unity of the ethnic and linguistic diversity of the country. In Laos, conservative conduct is appreciated to ensure that harmony and unity exist in society. Further positivity is deeply appreciated in the country. The Lao people prefer to live a carefree life with a smile and appreciate liberty and freedom of expression while maintaining honor and reputation. One might find that the Lao people are very accepting in nature and often treat other people with respect. The local rhythm of Laos speaks for its national motto that states no problem.