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2021 Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei is On

This Week

ABAO and Power Station Rocking the Stage

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 30 November 2021 – 2021 Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei events kicked off with “Campaign Naming and Theme Song Selection” and “Linban Song Competition” before reaching a climax on November 28, when the song and music performances and Youth Night took place via HANASPACE, where 20 groups performed consecutively for 8 hours, bringing the audience a most joyous Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei.

Mayor Ko Wen-je taking a group photo with Linban Song Competition winners (from left to right, 1st Prize A zih gu, 2nd Prize Pljaljuyan tjagaran, 3rd Prize Hola rangaw, Mayor Ko Wen-je, Merit Prize Mika, Libon and Sawmah)


On top of Taipei indigenous associations, indigenous community colleges, university indigenous clubs, and Art Fly groups, Nov. 28 saw a total of 16 groups performing songs and dances featuring indigenous cultures. The evening was further packed with famous indigenous singer ABAO and Power Station, and award-winning indigenous band MAFANA, and Moteng Inku, pushing this year’s Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei events to the climax.


Amongst the exciting program Nov. 28, the winners of “Campaign Naming”, “Theme Song Selection”, and “Linban Song Competition” of the year were announced, with the winner of “Linban Song Competition” invited to perform live on stage. Hope that more people recognize “linban song” (songs sung by afforestation squads in the past) as the music culture of urban indigenous peoples, understand the history and context of “linban song”, and sing the songs of indigenous peoples in Taipei.


Taipei City is vibrant with diversified cultures, and the contribution from indigenous peoples is what makes this city great. This year, Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei has played creativity to the max, and the winning campaign name and theme song will become the brand and spotlight of future Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei. After the song and music performances featuring culture and the Youth Night filled with indigenous power, the Taipei Indigenous Annual Expo will follow on December 1 at Ketagalan Culture Center. The series of events not only demonstrate the unique charism of indigenous peoples in Taipei but highlight Taipei as a city friendly to diversified cultures.

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