Meta Bans Myanmar Military Businesses on its Platforms

Meta Platforms Inc

Meta Platforms Inc, formerly Facebook, said in a statement on Wednesday that it would ban all Myanmar military-controlled businesses from its platforms.

The move comes after the company announced earlier this year it would ban all organizations linked to the Myanmar military from using its platforms for advertising.

“This action is based on extensive documentation by the international community and civil society of these businesses’ direct role in funding the Tatmadaw,” said Rafael Frankel, Meta’s Pacific director of public policy for emerging countries, Asia Pacific, according to Reuters.

He said that Meta has already removed more than 100 accounts, pages, and groups linked to businesses controlled by the Myanmar military.

Meta Platforms has received widespread criticism for failing to clamp down on online hate campaigns in Myanmar and other countries where the platform is the dominant form of media.

This new action follows a high-profile lawsuit filed against Meta Platforms seeking more than USD 150 billion for the company’s failure to stop hateful posts that incited violence against the Muslim Rohingya minority by Myanmar’s military and its supporters.

Facebook already disabled pages in Myanmar belonging to state media that violated the platform’s rules about promoting violence and harm to others.

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