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Laos and China open Joint Lab for Renewable Energy Study

renewable energy laos-china-wind-farm

Laos and China have opened a joint laboratory for the study of renewable energy in Vientiane Capital, according to a press release by the Chinese Embassy in Laos.

The laboratory was constructed through a partnership between the Renewable Energy and New Material Research Institute, under the Lao Ministry of Science …

OnePay Kicks Cash to the Curb in Laos


Cash is king in Laos, but the crown might soon be toppled as OnePay sparks a revolution.

Walking the streets of Laos with a pocket full of cash can be cumbersome at best, and we’ve all experienced that moment of dismay when the ATM dispenses a massive stack of 20,000 …

Laos’ Internet Among World’s Priciest

Laos Among World's Most Expensive Broadband Internet Prices

A study of broadband pricing in 196 countries reveals vast global disparities in the cost of getting online. And Laos ranks among Asia’s highest at USD 231.76, second only to Brunei.

Data over 3000+ individual broadband packages was gathered by BDRC Continental and compiled and analyzed by during an 8-week period …

ALO! Launches 2nd generation M5 Smartphone: ALO! M5 Plus

ALO! Technology Sole Co., Ltd, a Lao-owned technology company, introduced the ALO! M5 Plus, the 2nd generation of its 5smartphone powered by the Android 7.0 platform. The ALO! M5 Plus will be on display at the ALO! Showroom

BCEL One Offers Alternative Way to Pay for 2017 Road Tax

The uncertainty and miscommunication regarding payment of the 2017 road tax may be coming to an end as BCEL offers to accept road tax payments through its popular online banking service, BCEL One.

A source from the bank has confirmed that as of October 30th, BCEL One app users will

Latest Ransomware Virus Targets Thailand, Is Laos Next?


‘WannaCry’’ ransomeware may sound like a silly name, however this computer virus is anything but.

This global cyberattack is the latest virus that has been rapidly sweeping across 150 countries and terrorizing over 200,000 victims. Though it has yet to be seen in Laos, several digital billboard advertisements were taken …

HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus Official Launch

On 22 April 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Vientiane Capital, Huawei Technologies Lao held a launch ceremony for its new product, the HUAWEI P10/P10 Plus, a smartphones that comes equipped with new innovations. The product was presented by Mr. Sujinyong, Director of Communications Equipment at Huawei Lao, and …

Apple of Her Eye: Nothing Like The Real Thing

LTH Apple Store

The manager of Laos’ only official Apple Authorised Reseller store says there’s nothing like the real thing.

As a marketing symbol, you can’t get much more potent than the apple. That remarkably simple and instantly recognisable image of an apple with a single bite taken out is now as ubiquitous …