ONLYOFFICE Supplies a Comprehensive Office Suite and Versatile Collaboration Platform for Asia Pacific


RIGA, LATVIA – Media OutReach – 16 December 2021 – ONLYOFFICE Docs by Ascensio System SIA offers a powerful office suite that comprises online editors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations highly compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenDocument file formats. ONLYOFFICE Docs provides users with multiple editing tools and collaborative features ensuring greater team workflow, and seamless work with complex formatting and objects within your web solution.


Thanks to an extensive and continuously growing network of resellers and integrators, today ONLYOFFICE is available in 20+ languages and is already trusted by over seven million users in 170 countries. ONLYOFFICE now intends to repeat this brilliant success, this time within Asia Pacific. Already ONLYOFFICE has an established presence in China, where it is hosted by Alibaba Cloud, currently regarded as China’s No. 1 cloud service provider.


ONLYOFFICE: scalable, versatile

The ONLYOFFICE Workspace collaboration platform supplies users with all the tools for their daily business tasks — these include managing documents, project planning and scheduling, client relations, and email. This versatile platform can be used in the public cloud as well as launched as an open-source solution on a private network.


As an open-source office suite, ONLYOFFICE Docs features online editing tools for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The editing tools are highly compatible with MS Office formats (docx, xlsx, and pptx) and equipped with numerous collaborative capabilities – real-time co-editing, commenting, reviewing, and built-in chat.


The ONLYOFFICE editing capabilities are currently integrated in more than 20 popular platforms and hundreds of enterprise services, including Nextcloud, ownCloud, Seafile, Alfresco, and others.


This breadth of availability is possible because ONLYOFFICE is both a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering and a self-hosted platform for private servers. The immediate advantages are access from just about anywhere, from any device, including a mobile phone, under a wide range of OSs, and, on that basis, group collaboration, all with a high degree of platform inter-compatibility.


ONLYOFFICE effectively creates an eco-system of accessibility and scalability. At the lowest level there is a free desktop version for the user who just wants a free alternative to MS Office. At the top end, there’s an Enterprise version, with greatly extended functionality and scalability, including enhanced security — ONLYOFFICE offers rich, layered security in depth, reinforced with end-to-end encryption and hierarchical access rights reminiscent of Unix and Unix-like OSs such as Linux.


 “Globally, what we see at ONLYOFFICE is the need for a group-oriented collaborative approach that should prove a hit with users in APAC, where social media messaging has proved hugely popular, while often offering versatile services that extend well beyond simple messaging and chat”, noted Galina Goduhina, Head Of Sales at ONLY OFFICE. “ONLYOFFICE, in fact, supplies companies with their own equivalent internal services platform, with messaging and other apps available at the personal or communal level, plus a blogging engine and more. ONLYOFFICE reduces the huge distances of the APAC region to manageable and secure opportunities for creative teamwork”.


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