Russia to Finance USD 12 Million Upgrade of Mittaphab Hospital

Case 20 Discharged From Hospital, Two Remaining

The Russian government is to provide USD 12 million to upgrade Mittaphab Hospital, one of Laos’ major central hospitals.

According to a statement by the Russian Embassy in Laos, the government of the Russian Federation approved a feasibility study for the comprehensive modernization of the Mittaphab Hospital last week.

The study was prepared by the country office of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

The Government of the Russian Federation has allocated USD 12 million for the upcoming comprehensive modernization of Mittaphab Hospital.

The project is aimed at improving the healthcare system in Laos, as well as strengthening the country’s capacity to respond to Covid-19 infections.

It is hoped the modernized hospital will assist Laos in its aim to graduate from Least Developed Country Status by 2026, as well as achieve its Sustainable Development Goals.

The USSR built the Russian-Lao Friendship hospital, dubbed “Mittaphab Hospital” in 1990 as part of a comprehensive, large-scale assistance program for Laos’ socio-economic development.

Mittaphab Hospital has been recognized as one of the key emblems of friendly relationships between the peoples of Laos and Russia, with the two countries having formed historically close and strategic relations.

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