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SoundWave: The New ‘Brilliance 3’ Assessment Tool Is Revolutionizing Communication in the Workplace

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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 13 January 2022 – SoundWave is transforming the way individuals and organizations alike approach verbal communication through the power of Brilliance 3. The launch of its latest assessment tool—the Brilliance 3 Communication Styles Assessment—is a quick and useful insight for people to understand their preferred way to talk, and how their style of communication works in their office and team dynamic. Communication is a straightforward yet complex process so the tool’s objective is to simplify it, highlighting the strengths of people in the way that they talk.


Participants who have made use of the tool report being more conscious of their verbal productivity, having a deeper understanding of how they talk, and are more intentional in fostering a habit of effective and efficient communication. It has been proven time and time again that communication is the key to a harmonious and successful relationship between co-workers, subordinates, and superiors. Some interesting key facts that the data shows include the prevalence of ‘to challenge’ as one of the dominant voices for men as compared to women. Of the nine voices, to Probe, to Critique and to Correct are the truly edgy and socially risky voices; on average, they are heard as the dominant voice only 6% of the time.


According to SoundWave, everyone has nine voices that we use to talk—our verbal strategies. While we make use of all these voices in our day-to-day interactions, all of us differ in our preferences of voices. The SoundWave Brilliance 3 Assessment ranks your top three preferred voices, giving you an overview you on how you think, feel, and behave, and how you can service your voices better to communicate your intended impact. Brilliance 3 uses frameworks, detailed explanations, and concrete data to assess and delineate each and every participant’s assessment results. The tool helps in resolving challenges in communication so individuals, as well as groups, can collaborate more—cultivating a more productive and positive working environment. Through Brilliance 3, SoundWave aims to deliver actionable outcomes so participants can maximize their skills to its fullest potential. By knowing how to deal and converse with a specific type of person, there is very little room or no room left at all, for any misunderstanding or conflict.

The company has seen constant waves of success since the release of Brilliance 3. A recent development is the book that was launched in September 2021, complementing Brilliance 3 Assessment. Titled 9 Voices: Own Your Conversation, the free e-book is about the nine voices that SoundWave has identified in its profiles; it explores the nuances behind people’s voices and delves deeper into the various types of communication styles and clusters that reflect one’s way of conversing.


Within a year of its launch, more than 1,000 individuals have undergone the Brilliance 3 Assessment. Many participants have shared their testimonials, proving the effectiveness of the tool in shaping the way they should communicate. It has provided them with insights and learnings that helped them understand how they can use the different verbal strategies to adapt their talk in bringing forward ideas and influencing others. It proved itself to be incredibly useful, especially to the people who find difficulty in knowing the right way to listen and talk with the people at work. With Brilliance 3 gaining traction so quickly, the company has since then been committed in providing individuals and organizations with smart tools that significantly help improve one’s communication approach and overall performance in numerous aspects.


About the Company

SoundWave is a global assessment and consultancy firm based in Bristol, UK. We help organisations solve wicked problems through the power of conversation. Our suite of innovative tools and frameworks provides insights and development expertise on how you talk and listen through data. We take a process-driven approach that focuses on helping you to understand how your communication skills and your preferred style of communication impacts and influences the people around you, enabling them or limiting their performance.


SoundWave reveals not only your preferred style of communication, but also how others perceive you in the way you communicate— whether it is with your team members, managers or other stakeholders. Our assessments include the popular and affordable Brilliance 3, Self-Perception Assessment, and 360 Leadership Assessment for a holistic overview on the way you talk, and how it impacts the way others think, feel and behave. We understand that effective business communication is challenging, and our SoundWave reports offer insights that reveal the opportunities to improve your communication skills further. Learn more at https://www.soundwave.global/


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