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Vientiane Capital Upgrades Khouvieng Road to Improve Traffic Flow

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Authorities in Vientiane Capital have begun widening stretches of Khouvieng Road to better facilitate traffic flow and reduce congestion.

Roads are to be widened, footpaths upgraded, and newer, larger roundabouts installed as part of efforts to improve traffic flow and reduce road accidents in the nation’s capital.

Head of the Vientiane Capital Department of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Soulivanh Phommahaxay, told Laotian Times that the Khouvieng Road improvement project in Sisattanak District is a pilot project aimed at improving urban transportation by reducing traffic congestion and road accidents.

The road improvement project begins at the April 5 Hospital roundabout and will continue along parts of Khouvieng and Dongpaina roads.

Khouvieng Road improvement project in Vientiane Capital

The project will see new roundabouts installed and upgraded intersections with widened roads to improve traffic flow, particularly in front of the Public Security’s General Logistics Department building.

Meanwhile, the right turn lane in front of 109 Hospital Road will be expanded to ease traffic turning from Khouvieng Road into That Khao Road.

The Khouvieng Road Improvement Project is a joint project between the Vientiane Capital Department of Public Works and Transport of Vientiane Capital and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

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