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Otello Ceci, Nerodilambrusco Star Ingredient of The “Otello Ceci Lambrusco Sour” Cocktail

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TORRILE, ITALY – EQS Newswire – 16 February 2022 – As part of the Mixology project, CECI 1938 has created the “Otello Ceci Lambrusco Sour” cocktail in collaboration with Italian professional barlady Valentina Cantarelli. The recipe includes Otello Ceci Nerodilambrusco, an unusual choice in cocktail mixology.


The CECI 1938 winery’s most iconic Lambrusco bears the OTELLO CECI 1813 Nerodilambrusco label. With CECI 1938, Lambrusco becomes the manifesto for a young, contemporary way of life, a wine that expresses joy through the charm of its red bubbles. A true ode to Made In Italy.


The ultimate Lambrusco with a multifaceted personality, OTELLO CECI has a rich palette of colours, from the intense ruby red of the nectar to the lighter crimson of the froth that forms when pouring and lights up the glass brilliantly. A full-bodied wine with a sparkling, social character and a smooth flavour, to be enjoyed cold.


The Mixology project (recipe book available at www.lambrusco.it) takes the world of wine to a new, contemporary dimension with an international flavour and a playful spirit.

The “Otello Ceci Lambrusco Sour” blend captures the flavour of the Emilia region and expresses the unmistakeable CECI 1938 lifestyle, drawing on all the senses. The new cocktail rewrites the rules of a popular technique. The acidity of lemon and the sweetness of sugar combined with Bourbon define the shaken base, on which the Lambrusco literally floats.


The CECI 1938 winery is renowned for its ongoing product research and unique approach to bottle design. OTELLO CECI 1813, the feather in the cap of the company’s production, is like an exclusive garment, a contemporary, unconventional style that envelops a wine waiting to be discovered, enclosed in the unmistakeable bottle with a square base, the first of its kind. This regular, discreet shape is also adopted on the label, where the words celebrate Otello Ceci, the creative visionary who founded the Italian winery.


To make “Otello Ceci Lambrusco Sour” you need 30 ml of lemon juice, 30 ml of sugar syrup, 60 ml of Bourbon and of course, Otello Ceci NerodiLambrusco. Fill the shaker with ice, add all the ingredients with the exception of Otello Ceci NerodiLambrusco, and shake vigorously. Transfer to a glass filled with ice and float the Otello Ceci NerodiLambrusco on top.


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