Senoko Energy Drives Sustainability Efforts With its First Virtual Cycling Event


Senoko Energy partners with Garmin Singapore and to host its inaugural virtual cycling event, Cycle for Change. Along with promoting a sustainable lifestyle of cycling amongst Singaporeans, the energy provider hopes to support renewable energy sources and reduce the city’s carbon footprint through offsetting carbon emissions and partnering with 14 eco-merchants to encourage more people to be conscious of their purchase decisions.


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 16 February 2022 – Looking to save the environment while burning off some calories? Senoko Energy’s virtual cycling event, Cycle for Change 2022, will take place from 10 March to 22 April and will help you and your family and friends get your heart rate up, have some fun and reduce your carbon footprint!


Cycle for Change is an extension of Senoko Energy’s #TakeCharge initiative, which is the energy provider’s ongoing commitment to reduce carbon emissions, support renewable energy sources, and encourage sustainable lifestyles across households and corporates.


“As a company, we want to support and reward the efforts of households and corporations taking charge of everyday choices as part of Senoko Energy’s journey towards slowing down the impact of climate change for future generations,” said Mr Graeme York, CEO of Senoko Energy.


Promoting a Sustainable Cycling Lifestyle in Singapore

Singapore is pushing towards transforming the city state into a greener and more sustainable city by 2030. The city plans on tripling cycling paths from 460km to 1,320km – encouraging citizens to consider cycling as a mode of travel and to participate in green commutes. The COVID-19 pandemic also has seen many purchasing bicycles and cycling more regularly. Senoko Energy’s event gives Singaporeans further incentive to make changes to their lifestyle and habits to help conserve energy.


Acknowledging that the road to zero carbon emissions is not easy, Mr Graeme York said this event helps demonstrate how the conscious decisions of households and corporates making lifestyle and business changes can lead us on a path to significant emissions reduction.


Mr Edwin Shen, Community Manager of Garmin Singapore expresses in agreement, “Change can start small with our daily habits. As we return to offices after nearly two years of working from home, Garmin Singapore hopes that people will keep the positive lifestyle changes they have made since the start of the pandemic. Cycling fits so nicely into our day-to-day commute and we believe that Cycle for Change will help more people see that every pedal can go a long way.”


Eliminating Carbon Emissions with Cycle for Change

Cycle for Change aims to clock a total cycling distance of 1 million km. The completed distance will be converted into Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to support Singapore’s solar generation assets, eliminating 187,000kg of carbon emissions. In addition, Senoko Energy and will pledge to offset an additional three times more carbon emissions through the purchase of local RECs.

Mr Kang Jen Wee, CEO and Founder of said: “ is a licensed verifier for a globally recognised RECs registry that safeguards against fraud. verifies the authenticity of RECs generation, which contributes towards the development of renewable energy sources. We are pleased to be supporting Cycle for Change in partnership with Senoko Energy, to raise awareness of using RECs to mitigate carbon emissions.”


Support local eco-merchants and take part in challenges to win prizes

Senoko Energy further sweetens the deal for participants by partnering with eco-merchants to offer up to 20% discounts and weekly free beverages along the routes. By also participating in the 14 challenges organised by Senoko Energy, riders can stand the chance to win attractive prizes. One such challenge, the “Workweek Biker” involves participants cycling to work or school every weekday.

Some rewards include a year’s supply of green energy worth $1,200 from Senoko Energy, Garmin smartwatches, as well as personalised RECs to celebrate winners’ rides, and challenge badges. To participate one simply has to register online, connect and activate their Strava account. Start pedalling your way to climate protection!

About Senoko Energy Pte Ltd

Senoko Energy has provided energy to generations of Singaporeans since 1977. As a pioneer in power generation and energy solutions, we’ve played an instrumental role in powering the nation through its developing years. Since then, we have evolved to offer a balanced portfolio of natural gas, advanced energy solutions, tank leasing, terminal services and electricity supply and sustainable energy solutions. Senoko Energy Pte Ltd is owned by a consortium comprising Marubeni Corporation, ENGIE S.A., The Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc., Kyushu Electric Power Co. Inc. and Japan Bank for International Cooperation.