Young Lao Woman Takes On Phone Thief in Dramatic Smash

Brave or reckless young lao woman smashes into phone thief

A brave but reckless young Lao woman has gone viral on social media after smashing her scooter into the bike of a would-be phone thief.

According to a report by Vientiane Security News, the incident occurred on Saturday evening in front of Mittaphap Hospital in Chommany Village, Chanthabouly District, in  Vientiane Capital.

The smash was captured on by a CCTV camera and released on social media, with users watching in disbelief as the young woman could be seen speeding toward the robber and smashing her bike into his, knocking them both to the ground.


The woman has been praised for her bravery, while some members of the public have said her actions were reckless and endangered others.

“The fact that this woman’s actions caused damage to a nearby car can’t be ignored. What if that had been a pedestrian instead?” commented one social media user.

Local authorities in Chommany Village say the fearless 19-year-old woman, identified as Miss Amphay, from Amone Village in Vientiane Capital’s Saysettha District, had her belongings stolen in a drive-by phone snatching incident.

The two bikes became entangled during the crash.
The two bikes became entangled during the crash.

The thief, identified as Mr. Jony, an unemployed resident of Chommany Village, snatched the woman’s phone and sped away, according to police.

The young woman followed the snatcher until they reached Kaysone Phomvihane Memorial Junction in Sivilay Village when she rammed her scooter into the Mr. Jony’s bike and called for help after they both fell, according to police.

The thief was arrested, while the young woman suffered minor injuries.

The events have been likened to a similar incident that occurred in October 2020, when a young woman slammed her bike into that of a thief who had stolen money she had intended to use to pay her tuition fees.