Thailand and Vietnam Plan Evacuation for Citizens in Ukraine


The embassies of Vietnam and Thailand in Ukraine have urged their citizens to move to safety as the situation worsens.

Vietnam News reports that the Vietnamese ambassador to Ukraine, Nguyễn Hồng Thạch, announced this week that Vietnamese embassy staff in Ukraine have been moved to an underground bunker as tensions escalate in the capital, Kiev.

The ambassador urged caution for Vietnamese citizens in Ukraine, suggesting that sheltering in place is currently the safest option as the situation develops.

Meanwhile, the Bangkok Post reports that the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs is making plans to evacuate 250 Thai citizens currently in Ukraine to Poland via the international airport in Lviv, about 540 kilometers west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Currently, civilian air travel within Ukraine is not possible.

It is expected that the economic effects of the situation in Ukraine will be felt across the region, with the price of oil continuing to rise.

The rising cost of fuel is one of the main drivers of inflation in Laos, with the country experiencing its highest inflation rate in two years.

Laos has yet to make an official statement on the situation, with KPL News reporting the state of emergency in Ukraine yesterday evening.