ASEAN Foreign Ministers Issue Statement on Ukraine Situation

The flags of ASEAN

ASEAN foreign ministers have issued a joint statement on the situation in Ukraine, calling for restraint and dialogue, as well as respect for sovereignty.
The statement, which was released yesterday evening, reads:

1. The ASEAN Foreign Ministers are deeply concerned over the evolving
situation and armed hostilities in Ukraine. We call on all relevant parties to
exercise maximum restraint and make utmost efforts to pursue dialogues
through all channels, including diplomatic means to contain the situation, to
de-escalate tensions, and to seek peaceful resolution in accordance with
international law, the principles of the United Nations Charter and the Treaty
of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia.

2. We believe that there is still room for a peaceful dialogue to prevent the
the situation from getting out of control. For peace, security, and harmonious
co-existence to prevail, it is the responsibility of all parties to uphold the
principles of mutual respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and equal
rights of all nations.

Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia, which is is the ASEAN chair this year, said: “Although we are far away and a small country, international issues such as this are very concerning to us.”

He was joined by Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob who had been making an official visit to Cambodia.

“The Malaysian Prime Minister and I also discuss this issue and what we wish to see is a peaceful solution,” Mr. Hun Sen told the media in Phnom Penh on Thursday

Meanwhile, Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail was quoted by The Star as saying, “Malaysia hopes that the best possible peaceful settlement between Ukraine and Russia can be reached soon, and subsequently successfully resolve the conflict,”

The statement by ASEAN comes at the same time as an official statement by Laos’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs calling on all parties concerned to exercise utmost restraint and pursue efforts in deescalating the tension that may undermine international peace and security.